Toledo Island to Young's Island on Lake Nipissing

Toledo Island to Young's Island Map

From Toledo to Young's Island we will remain in the middle of West Bay of Lake Nipissing The path to the island is reasonably clear and there are several bays where you may fish for Walleye and Northern Pike. Several underwater shoals offer for some great small mouth fishing. Around Young's Island is probably the most treacherous underwater landscape you will find and great care must be taken while trying to fish this area.

Map Legend:

Depth are in meters (ex 6.4 or 8 or5.2, the larger number represents main value the second represents the decimal value)

Tan (gold or yellow) represents Land. Dark Blue shallow water 2 meters or less. Light Blue represents waters between 2 to 5 meters. White represents waters 5 meters or more in depth

Anywhere on the map you see (05) or (0) is a shallow area or rocky area

All stars or plus sign with 4 dots indicates submerges rocks

The R attributed with a depth value means rocks submerged at represented depth

Ideal Time of Year to Fish West Arm of Lake Nipissing

Walleye: From opening in mid May to Mid August

Northern Pike: From opening in mid May to closing mid October

Bass (largemouth and small mouth): From its opening 4th Saturday of June to mid September

Musky: From its opening in mid June to end July and Mid September to end of October