Jenning's Point to Merganser Bay in West Bay of Lake Nipissing

Jenning's Point to Merganser Bay Map

Merganser Bay in West Bay of Lake Nipissing is a large shallow bay that is very productive for Northern Pike with some Large Mouth Bass. The bay is approximately 5 miles from Memquisit Lodge. Merganser Bay starts of with app 8 feet of water and stays this way until you come up to a boulder island in the middle. The depth then changes to somewhere around 3 feet. On the far east side of the bay you will find a marsh area, home to some huge Large Mouth Bass. As you come out of Merganser Bay on the southeast side there is a lot of island and rocky shoreline. Around these islands Walleyes and Small Mouth Bass are usually found in good numbers.

Map Legend:

Depth are in meters (ex 6.4 or 8 or5.2, the larger number represents main value the second represents the decimal value)

Tan (gold or yellow) represents Land. Dark Blue shallow water 2 meters or less. Light Blue represents waters between 2 to 5 meters. White represents waters 5 meters or more in depth

Anywhere on the map you see (05) or (0) is a shallow area or rocky area

All stars or plus sign with 4 dots indicates submerges rocks

The R attributed with a depth value means rocks submerged at represented depth

Ideal Time of Year to Fish West Arm of Lake Nipissing

Walleye: From opening in mid May to Mid August

Northern Pike: From opening in mid May to closing mid October

Bass (largemouth and small mouth): From its opening 4th Saturday of June to mid September

Musky: From its opening in mid June to end July and Mid September to end of October