If there is one thing that has remained the same over the years, and probably even from the beginning, is the cedar strip boats. Produced in Powassan Ontario, Geisler Boat Builders have been crafting these awesome navigational crafts since the early 1920's. Once you have felt their ride, their maneuverability and their sturdiness you will understand why these have been the lodge's choice for all these years.

Fishing out of these 18 ft boats is unlike any other craft. They are extremely stable and very versatile permitting to drift fish at an ideal and steady speed under various wind conditions.

All of our 18ft Lake Nipissing Geisler boats are equipped with 20 hp electric start 4 strokes Yamaha outboard motors along with either 2 or 3 padded quality swivel seats. Matrix 27, high-resolution 480 x 480 pixels per inch Hummingbird Fish Finders are also included in our boat packages along with a full safety kits. The only thing required from our guests is the flashlight.

But, with the demand and trying to keep up with "modern" needs, we now have half a fleet of 16 ft Alumacrafts with 2 swivel seats and a split centre bench, flat bottom also equipped with electric start 20 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motors, depth finders and safety equipment included. The only thing required from our guests is the flashlight.