Things to Bring

Well we all know that even if you pack a week, a month or the day before you arrive you will always forget one or two things... Memquisit has put together a short list of things to remember.


Sun Screen
A waterproof and higher SPF is recommended.
Bug spray
After bite, Benadryl or similar equivalent for those who may be allergic to bites. The bug season kind of works like this; Black flies out in the spring May to June usually more of a bother on the water if the winds are calm and are more commonly found in the back weeded bays of West Bay. Once we start to get the summer heat the black flies disappear. Mosquito's from mid to late June through to early to mid-August. They are commonly out during humid early mornings after a warm rain and out for a few hours a dusk. The dear and horse flies are out from early July to end of August and are a bother during the day out on the water or in the trails not so much around the cottages.

For Boating & Fishing

Fishing Licence
A Fishing Licence (even if it’s expired, bring it, we can renew fishing licenses here, but need the # on old card if possible). They are available to purchase from the lodge but if you already have one don't forget it. You may also purchase them on line
Boaters Card
If renting boats from the lodge you will need a boating card or we will have you sign a boating safety checklist available at the lodge to qualify you to drive the boat rental during your stay.
Life Jackets
Although the lodge provides life jackets for the boat rentals and has a selection of child to youth jackets, we recommend that you bring your own.
If renting boats from the lodge. You will need one flash light per boat at all times.

For the Cottage or Cabins

Dish soap
Basket Type coffee filters
Crock pots or slow cookers and hot plates
Outdoor cookware, pans or pots for the fire or bbq, B-B-Q lighter
Bath towels if you are not on a meal plan or American plan cottage or package
Make sure to bring your lawn or lounge chairs for outside and around the fire.
Axe for splitting firewood or kindling
Playing cards or board games, DVD's to pass the time if raining

For housekeeping cottages/cabins: 1, 2, 3, 3A, 9, 10, 11, 11A, 12, 16, 17, 18
Bed linens/blankets/pillows are not provided so dont forget to pack yours. You can check out your cabin here to see bed sizes.

For Meal Plan/American Plan cottages/cabins: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Bed linens/blankets are provided but pillows are no longer provided, don't forget your favourite one.